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Facebook Timeline: The Good and the Bad

2 Mar

I am not one of those people who whine every time Facebook changes it’s format. And that’s because I know that with time, you can get used to anything. That’s why I chose to switch over to Facebook timeline before Mark Zuckerberg forced me to. The first thing that I wanted to do was find a suitable cover photo.

Screenshot of a cover photo from Facebook's "About Timeline" page

Yes, the cover photo is a neat idea. It allows you to basically have two, yes I said it, TWO profile pictures. The one thing I don’t like about the cover photo is that you need a photo that specifically caters to that size. A picture with a portrait orientation simply does not work. The way to go is one with a landscape orientation.

The next thing that I noticed was the changes to the Facebook wall. I must say, not a big fan. I do not understand the necessity of two columns of wall posts, picture tags, and apps being used. It all seems a big cluttered to me. But as i said before, I can get used to anything.

The new and improved Facebook wall. Also from Facebook's "About Timeline" page

My asked two of my roommates their thoughts about Facebook timeline. See what other college-aged students think about the change. My one roommate is an Industrial Design major. She enjoys how easy timeline makes it to stalk people. Which is true. You can look back at people’s Facebook posts and pictures by year and month. She also commented that she liked the layout because it’s more dynamic.

My other roommate, a photojournalism student, mainly likes it because of the cover photos. And who wouldn’t when you have a multitude of great photos to make your cover photo.